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Why Nutrition is so Important in children of Nursery age and what can you expect from Tiny Town Nurseries!

All parents want to give their children the best start in life, and a vital part of that good start is a healthy diet. With more and more mothers going out to full time and part time work more under fives are attending Nursery and the responsibility of the diet lies with the Nursery.

Providing food for toddlers is far from easy, so for clear guidance we follow national and government guidelines on eating well for the under fives.

The menus at Tiny Towns are devised together with a specialist dietitian and the in house chef.
It is important that children under five eat a diet appropriate for their age, rather than for older children and adults. Young children grow quickly and have high energy and nutrient requirements for their size. They should also eat smaller amounts than older children.

The aim of meal times at Tiny Towns is to ensure that the children all sit down to meals together and by watching other children eat it fosters others who perhaps are fussy eaters to do the same.

The menus created at Tiny Towns are based on the four food groups of starchy foods; fruit and vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, beans and other non- dairy sources of protein; and milk and dairy foods. Planning meals and snacks from these food groups will ensure a good balanced diet for the children.

Using national guidance ensures that we provide the children with the right amount of fat they need for energy, with limited amounts of saturated fat. Sugary food and drink which can lead to tooth decay and provide ’empty’ calories is limited, as is salt which can cause serious health issues later in life.

What to expect at meal/snack times at Tiny Town Nurseries

Many foods and drinks have sugar added, our chef ensures that all foods are sugar free and have no sugar added.
For sweet treats fresh fruit, dried fruit and low sugar cakes such as muffins are offered.
Sugary drinks are replaced with water, full fat milk or fruit juice.
Breakfast cereals with low or medium sugar is offered, other alternatives include porridge, egg on toast and fruit with yoghurt.
Snacks include low fat breadsticks, rice cakes, chopped vegetables and fruit, tinned, frozen or fresh fruit are all great.
All meals and snacks where possible are nut free as it’s a highly allergic food.
At Tiny Town we offer 3 meals/day with healthy snacks in between to ensure all nutritional requirements are met.

All our food at the nursery is freshly prepared by our dedicated chef using fresh ingredients.
Our menus include a variety of foods, tastes, textures and colours.

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