What is a Tweenie?

  • Tweenies are children aged between 21-36 months.
  • Children experience a lot of change between 2-3 years. We aim to support your child to learn at their own pace and provide comfort and support.
  • Being 2 is fun!
  • In the Tweenie room, we still offer a very hands on approach and engage with the children during play to help stretch their growing imaginations.

Learning through play!    

  • We aim to give the children a little more independence and confidence.
  • Children are free to access toys and resources as they choose. Alongside this we have a range of table top experiences and planned activities.
  • We regularly refresh and adapt the set-up of the room to meet the needs of the children.
  • In doing this, we can provide new learning to keep all children stimulated and interested, so they are continually developing.

What you will find when you enter the Tweenie Room?

In the Tweenie Room we have:

  • role play area
  • relaxation zone
  • experience tray
  • feelings and emotions area
  • open access small world play
  • table top finger gym
  • music and sensory baskets
  • graphics/mark making table
  • open access art trolley
  • book area

Circle Time         

  • This is an important part of the day where we all come together to say hello.
  • During circle time, we sing a hello song and each child is encouraged to find their own name and stick it on our board.
  • We also encourage recognition of the days of the week, weather and how we are feeling.


  • We support children to play an active role in keeping our Tweenie room cared for and tidy.
  • This is done through providing encouragement to tidy up and helps children to be involved.

Tiny Town Nursery baby room

Tiny Town Nursery baby room