Partnership with Parents and Carers

Tiny Town Nurseries intend to form strong relationships with all parents to offer children the best possible care and education and partnership with parents/carers is reflected in all the nursery policies.

Parents/carers are the first educators of their children and the nursery recognises and acknowledges the expertise of parents/carers and their influence on their children’s learning.

The nursery respects the diversity of cultures within the setting, and supports individual needs.

There will be opportunities to exchange information between staff and parents in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Open days/evenings
  • Social events (Christmas and Summer BBQ)
  • Weekly/daily diaries or reports and newsletters
  • Displaying posters and notices
  • Sharing observations and completing learning journeys

Staff are always available for informal discussions with parents. Otherwise appointments can be arranged.

Tiny Town policies and procedures are available for all parents to read. The parents are encouraged to comment on all aspects of nursery life and any complaints are dealt with as per the complaints policy.

All parents/carers have different needs and therefore different forms of interpretation will be made available.
Every effort will be made to clearly communicate with parents/carers when English is not their first language.

If parents/carers need sign language or Braille documents as examples, every effort will be made prior to the start date of the child to supply the nursery information in this form.

Help is always available with regards to form filling and understanding the nursery setting.

We aim to support our parents/carers in a number of ways, information on tax, credits, voucher schemes, toilet training, weaning etc.

Tiny Town Nursery Partnership with Parents and Carers.