Babies and Toddlers

What are Babies and Toddlers?

  • We can take children from 6 weeks in the Baby and Toddler Room.
  • We have children up to the age of 21-24 months in the room.
  • We know that leaving an under 2 year old can be very hard! We ensure that all families feel welcomed, supported and that our environment is a home from home.
  • In this room, we provide a range of activities to support the children, firstly with their prime areas of development.
  • All children develop at their own pace and we offer stimulating activities to promote their individual needs.
  • Our main focus is to support the children in building special relationships and gaining self confidence.
  • We begin the journey of encouraging the children to share and learn about their feelings and emotions.

Learning through play!

  • We focus on sensory experiences. We do this by providing fun new experiences such as creative, messy and food play.
  • We encourage children to explore their nursery environment with free access to toys of interest and support their individual learning, hands on, as they play.
  • By letting the children freely play, we can recognise key interests and plan activities to further their development.

What you will find when you enter the Baby and Toddler Room?

In the Baby and Toddler Room we have:

  • a cosy book corner
  • baby sensory area
  • feelings and emotions area
  • finger gym 
  • small world
  • Construction area
  • role play area

Song Time

  • We spend some time during the day where we sing our bumble bee song. This is to support the children in learning to recognise their names and the names of other children in their group.
  • Singing familiar songs supports the children with their communication and language skills, looking, listening, attention and speech as they learn the actions and words.
  • To bring songs to life, we use visual aids and props to encourage the children to join in.


  • We believe the settling in process is vital in making the children and their families feel comfortable and reassured, especially when sometimes, parents/carers are leaving their children for the first time.
  • We support children by forming initial relationships with them, entering them on to our key person system and ensuring that all their individual routine requirements are met as they would be at home! 

Tiny Town Nursery baby room