Our Daily Menus

At Tiny Town Nurseries, we believe that children should be supported and enabled to make healthy choices. Meal times are a social event and one, which should be captured as much as possible.

All staff are required to undergo Basic Food Hygiene training. The Nursery Cook, and anyone else who covers in her absence, hold a Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering.

Older children are encouraged to self serve under the supervision of staff. We provide utensils in order for them to achieve this safely and effectively.

Breakfast is served from 8:00am-8:45am and consists of cornflakes, rice krispies, multigrain hoops or malted wheats (summer menus) and weetabix, porridge or baby cereal (winter menus). Wholemeal toast is served with breakfast.

At 10:00am, a morning snack is served offering children the choice of five fresh fruits every single day.

At 11:45am, the children have a freshly prepared lunch made on site by our nursery cook.

At 3:30pm children have high tea at Warwick. At Coventry, all children eat at 3pm.

At 4:30pm all children have milk and a biscuit.

All of the menus are on a four week rota, and are split into Winter and Summer.

Tiny Town Nurseries are inspected by Environmental Health and both sites have consistently high standards, receiving the top award since opening.

Tiny Town Nursery Warwick have received the Heartbeat Award for the last 7 years, meaning we are providing health food choices and maintaining very good standards of food hygiene, all of which is verified by the local authority.