Our homely  baby room can cater for up to nine babies. We use a range of developmentally appropriate resources and activities to  create a stimulating environment. Babies also have access to a secure garden and use our  seperate soft play and sensory rooms on a regular basis
Energetic toddlers have lots of opportunities to practice their newly developed physical skills in our toddler room. We  use heuristic and sensory experiences to encourage the children to explore and discover. In addition to the soft play and sensory rooms, the children access the local park, go on nature walks and visit our nearby farm.
Our two to three year olds have a large room which caters for up to twelve children. The children are encouraged to develop their skills through a wide range of play experiences . Messy play is an important part of their exploration and children cook and grow their own fruit and vegetables regularly.
Our three year olds enjoy a variety of activities designed to support their longer concentration spans and increasing vocabularies. Staff use different methods to support the children and foster a sense of independence ready to start school. We have a large main garden which the children can use daily and they have an outdoor classroom which supports the nature and science activities  provided. We can have up to fifteen pre-school children.

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