SEN and Inclusion Policy

SEN and Inclusion Policy

Tiny Town Nurseries are committed to offering high quality nursery provision to all children.

Tiny Town Nurseries believe that every child can progress and develop and endeavour to follow the SEN Code of Practice when supporting children with additional needs.

The named Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at our Coventry nursery is Jane Wilkinson and the named Area SENCO is Ann Tucker.

The named Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator at our Warwick nursery is Aimee Norman and the named Area SENCO is Julie Morris.

The Area SENCO team supports us by offering training and advice to our SENCO’s and staff to enable us to develop an inclusive learning environment and to support children with SEN effectively.

Staff are trained at induction to follow the SEN Code of Practice and are supported by the nursery SENCO and Area Senco team.
We are committed to working in partnership with parents to identify any support requirements and to put measures in place where needed.

Children are regularly observed and should a staff member have a concern about any aspect of a child’s progress, they will refer to the SENCO and manager. The child’s parents/carers will be involved and further observations will be carried out. Parents/carers views and wishes will be respected at all times.

The Area SENCO will be asked for support if the parents have given consent and if necessary, the Early Years Action process will be followed. The child’s parents, key person and SENCO will work together with the child and the Area SENCO to set targets and write an IEP using evidence from observations and discussions.

The IEP will be reviewed bi-monthly for the first six months and then every three months thereafter.
If the child makes good process the EYA plan may be finished or continued with the same level of support. If there is a concern that the child is making little progress, and parents, key person and SENCO agree, the child will move to Early Year Action Plus, involving external support.

Staff will work to support both child and parent at all stages of the process and all information will be kept strictly confidential. Parental consent will be obtained at every stage of the process.

Tiny Town Nurseries welcome all children whatever their individual needs and abilities and will make reasonable adjustments to accommodate individual needs. We will actively work with families and external agencies to provide support for children with additional needs. We have links with our local Health Visitor, Speech and Language Therapy, Autism Support and SENCO’s at local primary schools.

Tiny Town Nurseries will also support children with additional needs to make transitions between settings. We will work closely with the child, family, Area Senco and the new setting to ensure correct information exchange and a transition plan is agreed.

Tiny Town Nurseries have made their settings more accessible by providing ramped access and accessible toilets to encourage children to be independent. We are happy to be flexible in the use of our building to accommodate children’s needs and to consider making reasonable adjustments to our premises within our financial capability. We will actively seek additional funding to help with this.


Inclusion Support Pack for SENCO’s in Early Years.

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