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Would you like a Tiny Town Nurseries Management Franchise?

Would you like to join the Tiny Town Nursery childcare brand?

Are you dynamic, motivated, hard working and creative?

Tiny Town Nurseries are searching for dedicated, motivated, caring managers looking for a bright future for themselves and the children under their care. If you are intent on success then the Tiny Town Nursery Management Franchise could be for you.

With a Tiny Town Nursery management franchise you will have the opportunity to run your own rewarding childcare day nursery business. Tiny Town Nurseries will provide the knowledge, expertise and support while you build your own successful childcare franchise.


Tiny Town Nurseries (Coventry, Warwick & India)
Head Office: 6 The Hughes, 22-26 Swan Street, Warwick, CV34 4SS
Telephone: 01926 410054 Fax: 01926 410064
India Telephone: (0091) 80 65368111


If you join us as a franchisee you’ll be joining a network of fellow nursery professionals with years of experience. The team will help you get up to speed with business systems, admin processes, while providing marketing and sales support.

Tiny Town Nurseries provides start-up training followed by support, guidance and advisory services. The Tiny Town Nurseries franchise team has one objective – to make you a successful manager in your chosen area.

What makes a suitable franchise partner?

If you have childcare knowledge and experience that is helpful, but not necessary. We at Tiny Town Nurseries need to see a commitment to learning along with a good work ethic. As a franchisee you will be good at delegating to your manager and staff. You will enjoy making business decisions, working with your team, and meeting & greeting parents and their children.

If you are customer focused, want to deliver outstanding standards of childcare, can be objective in order to improve your skills then you can be a Tiny Town Nurseries franchisee.

How to apply for a franchise:

  • Submit an initial enquiry by calling or via our contact form.
  • Request a meeting with the team.
  • Request our disclosure document, sign and return.
  • Undertake due diligence on the franchise offering and Tiny Town Nurseries.
  • Research your chosen location market.
  • Ensure you have adequate financing and prepare to disclose to Tiny Town Nurseries.
  • Research the right property, e.g. will you be leasing or purchasing.
  • Be prepared to sign your franchise agreement if approved.
  • Ensure you are able to attend Tiny Town Nurseries induction training program.

Tiny Town Nurseries will be in touch with any further questions.


When you invest in a Tiny Town Nurseries franchise you reduce risk of failure by following guidelines based on success & experience. At Tiny Town Nurseries we expect established franchisees to be earning six figure salaries. To get to this level you need to enjoy being your own boss, love challenges, and appreciate the freedom of working outside the normal 9-5.


Tiny Town Nurseries is growing as a day nursery, pre-school and childcare company. We operate in the UK and India, forging our way forward while helping the young during the precious early years of education.

Successful franchisees will have full use of the Tiny Town Nurseries company logo, name, website, marketing materials, management experience, and business processes.

Potential clients will be assured they are dealing with an reputable, established and proven company compliant with Ofsted and Regulatory UK Registration.

Tiny Town Nurseries franchisees will be provided in accordance with a full and comprehensive framework that will help ensure national standards are enforced and appropriately endorsed in line with recommendations set out by the Governing body (Ofsted).


Tiny Town Nurseries management franchise fee is £20,000, plus a marketing launch fee of £5,000. Other expenses may apply depending on where you will be based, how large the nursery will be, plus if they exist, other third party expenses.


We would love to talk to you about becoming a Tiny Town Nurseries franchisee!

Please call or use the contact form and a Tiny Town Nurseries member will be in touch to discuss your enquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The Tiny Town Nurseries Franchise Team

Tiny Town Nurseries (Coventry, Warwick & India)
Head Office: 6 The Hughes, 22-26 Swan Street, Warwick, CV34 4SS
Telephone: 01926 410054 Fax: 01926 410064
India Telephone: (0091) 80 65368111

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